Monday, 15 May 2017

The Pink Chinos.

Ever wondered what to wear when you have to work on a Saturday? 

On most Saturdays, I often work an 8am till noon shift before either meeting up with friends for lunch, visiting family or having to attend one of those typical Saturday functions, like a ruracio. The thing is, there is hardly much time to go back home and change into something else. I am sure you all can relate.

This is the reason why Chinos are my go to step-out-of-the-office-into-the-party Saturday favourite. This was last Saturday’s #OOTD. I think it would also make a good dress-down Friday look too. And aren’t chinos just so comfortable too!

Not only that, you can pretty much pair them up with anything. I mean anything. Be it fancy top or a casual a white tee. For a more laidback look you could pair them with flats or if you are going for a more polished look, a pair of stilettos.

Being out and about all day and leading a busy life, comfort is premium and who said fashion should always be a killer.

I got this pair from a stall at Old Nation House and  I remember the vendor (like they always do) insisting that I should try them on but I was initially reluctant since I prefer to wear more neutral tones.  Well on this occasion the vendor was onto something because they were just fit perfectly. It always amazes me how trying on something makes a huge difference when shopping for outfits. I am glad I did.

But if such bright colors are not appropriate for your work environment, then how about personalising your ensemble with neutral colors such as blue , black ,grey , burgundy or brown instead.

Top-Thrift (old)
Pants-Thrift (old)
Shoes -here
Photography by Mianophotography

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